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Why use a Green Cleaning Service

Purmaid is much more than just a company who uses “green” cleaning products.  Any company can put “green” cleaning products in their caddies, but Purmaid goes beyond this.  Our name says it all.  With a fleet of gas saving vehicles, a free recycling program, and  green discounts to encourage responsible behaviors in our clients, as well as investment in alternative energy, you know that we are serious when it comes to the health of our clients, service providers and the planet.

With indoor air quality weighing in at levels of 5-100 times higher in pollution than outdoor air, it is important to maintain a healthy, toxin-free space indoors– especially since Americans spend as much as 90% plus of their time indoors.   Additionally, it is estimated that one in every thirteen youths today has developed asthma adding further strength to the importance of a healthy indoor environment.

Purmaid currently works with several allergy and asthma patients who respond very well to the products used in their homes and commercial establishments.

Purmaid is a female founded, privately owned co-op structured group of companies that take the approach of having a well-balanced method of operation.  This means we treat our whole operation as an “eco-system” with a balance between nurtured staff, satisfied clientele and a healthy stream of revenue.  This is a delicate balance achieved through mutual respect at every level.

Although the client base of Purmaid is predominantly residential, we also serve a selection of commercial clients.  This combination we believe sets us apart.  Home is a very different place to an office or store.  It is where we eat, sleep, and dream.  It is where memories are created and it is where we feel safe.  Our understanding of home environments and the respect for the people in them is fundamental to our business.