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What on Earth is Green Cleaning

There’s a lot of hype around “green” everything at the moment.  So why green cleaning?

Besides preserving the health of our planet, there is also a need to preserve our wellbeing as individuals both emotionally and physically.  As Co-Founder of Purmaid, an Arizona Professional Green Cleaning Service it was clear that all of this could be put together in a package delivered right to your front door in an energy efficient vehicle.  That’s right– smiling faces arriving to clean your home or office using completely natural green cleaning products!

As startling as it may sound, as a nation we spend around 90% of our time indoors and with the excellent sealing of homes these days, the air in our homes can become trapped and more easily polluted.  In fact, the air in our homes can range anywhere from five to one hundred times the pollution levels found in air outside.  If the air in our homes is worse than that often ugly brown air hanging over many cities across the nation, then taking steps toward cleaner indoor air sounds like a sensible option.

There are many things we can do as homeowners to reduce toxins in the home.  Things such as using no or low VOC paints, removing toxic and dust-harboring carpets, among other things.  Perhaps one of the simplest and most economical places to start, is with changing the consumable products that you use everyday in the home.  More specifically, some of the traditional cleaning products that many have inside their cupboards can be very toxic.  Whether you chose to do your own home cleaning or outsource to a professional house cleaning service, always consider using the green alternatives.  You won’t be giving up efficacy and you and your family will probably breathe easier.

You don’t have to be hip to realize that green is the new black.  With everything from cars, to clothes, to home products and services going green, it’s quite likely you may find yourself dabbling in the green consumer movement.  Unlike the poodle skirt and record player fads of yesteryear, I believe that green products and services are here to stay and for good reason.  Without a healthy planet, we have nothing.

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