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Tips on arranging your house move clean

Bright living room.

Top 5 Things that should be covered in a move in or out clean.

When people move home in Arizona, they are frequently looking for a professional move in or out clean for their new and/or old home. Summertime is a popular time for moving home as it is ideal for families with children looking to make a transition in between school years. Whether you are moving home with or without children in tow, a professional cleaning service in Arizona can help reduce the already stressful situation of moving. With boxes to pack and shift, and the coordination of utilities and what not, having one less major task to check off the to-do list can be welcome relief!

So now that you are planning a move, what sorts of things should you be looking for from a move in or out cleaning service in Arizona?

  1. Deep cleaning of the insides of cupboards, drawers and closets. Have you ever moved into a home only to find human or animal hairs left behind in the cupboards? Nobody wants to be welcomed into their home by old lingering hairs, so make sure your move in and out cleaning service in Arizona has this as a priority in their checklist.
  2. Cleaning inside of all Kitchen appliances. Dirty appliances in a kitchen is no joke. The refrigerator, oven, stove, dishwasher etc are appliances that we all depend upon for storing and cooking our food and washing our dishes that we eat upon. A move in or out service in Arizona must include these important tasks for sake of health and safety.
  3. Spic and Span Bathrooms. Common sense on this area of the home tells us that a spotless bathroom is what you need from your move in or out cleaning visit. Moving into someone else’s bathroom dirt is enough to turn some of the most iron-clad stomachs, so make sure bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized as part of the routine.
  4. Deep Dusting. Not all home-dwellers include dusting ceiling fans, baseboards, window sills etc as part of their normal routine cleaning, so by the time they move their belongings out of the home, there could be enough dust to start a colony of bunnies! Dust is suddenly accessible, too in areas where furniture once was, so a light clean just won’t do when it comes to moving into or out of a home.
  5. Squeaky Clean floors. Depending upon the type of flooring in the home, you may get away with extensive vacuuming or mopping. For carpeted areas, you may want to engage a professional carpet cleaning company, especially for stain removals. This can be well worth the investment while the home is empty and easy to access all areas with ease. Ask if your move in or out maid service in Arizona offers this service or if they network with any referral companies in the area.

Getting ready for your house move is quite the planning process. When you delegate the cleaning to a professional maid service for a move in or out clean in Arizona, you will be able to focus on all of your organizing and packing, allowing for a successful and smooth move!