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Scottsdale House Cleaning with a hint of green

Modern clean kitchen.

For many home dwellers, their indoor environment is a reflection of themselves and is where around 90% of their time is spent.   That’s why choosing a house cleaning company that cleans green is important in helping to achieve an indoor environment that is both clean and healthy, allowing you and others in your home to breathe easier.

Purmaid is a local house cleaning company who aims to notice and take care of all of the details before you have to, so that you can spend your time doing whatever you enjoy most.  Purmaid will never come in and pollute your indoor space with a multitude of chemicals just to shift a bit of dirt. Instead, it is this greener way of cleaning and commitment to using only biodegradable, non-toxic products that makes their green cleaning service safer and healthier for you.

Rest assured their integrity and commitment go beyond just the use of earth-friendly products alone.  In fact, all of what they strive to do from beginning to end has our planet in mind. This includes everything from using recycled paper and biodegradable trash bags to running hybrid cars. These things and more are but a part of what Purmaid does in their dedication to what really matters, the health of you and your planet, and providing the best possible house cleaning service around.