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Phoenix House Cleaning Services – Not All Are Created Equal

Any major city is filled with companies offering house cleaning Phoenix,AZ is no different, but how do you choose when not all maid services are created equally? Hiring someone to come in to your space and care for your belongings is a decision that should not be taken lightly. You need someone trustworthy, reliable, and who meets your expectations. Below some considerations regarding Phoenix house cleaning options.

Low start up costs and skills make many people looking to supplement their income choose the cleaning industry. This leads to a tough choice – do you go support the small, local option or one of the well-known chains like Molly Maid or Merry Maid?

Price will likely be a major factor for you. Chains will have less flexibility in prices than a small service, but you can often find coupons online or in your mailbox for discounts. Smaller companies raise rates less frequently, which may save you if in long run. Overall, they know the competition and you will likely not find much difference in pricing between services.

Reliability is another key point. Small companies will want to preserve their reputation by keeping appointments, but may have a limited number of employees. If someone has an emergency, there may be no one else available. If your schedule and needs are flexible, this may not matter, but if you entertain or have a demanding schedule, consider that a larger company that will have backup.

As this person will be in your home, at times alone, it is essential that you know who they are. Anyone can create a poster and a business card, so be sure you check references prior to hiring someone. When interviewing, ask the cleaning professional if they are licensed, bonded and insured to protect yourself and your valuables. With franchises or corporations, there is more protection, but be sure to still ask before signing anything.

Chances are no one will clean your home exactly like you. Choose someone you are comfortable communicating your needs with. You are paying to have your home professionally cleaned and should be happy with the results. You will have a more consistent experience with smaller companies since the same people will typically provide your services. Chains may send a different person each time, making it difficult to build a relationship or know how well they will do.

Phoenix house cleaning services can be found online, in your phone book, or by word of mouth. Give several services a try before committing to one, there is no shortage of maids to take care of your house cleaning. Phoenix is filled with companies both large and small ready to give your home the attention you can’t.