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”An act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes”

At PurMaid, we serve with our hearts as well as our hands.

PurMaid believes that the best philanthropic efforts are those made directly and locally. When we touch and connect with people in need in our local areas, there is a great sense of reward.

Rather than donating proceeds to a charity that we have no direct impact upon, we instead have some wonderful programs that allow us and our clients to directly touch the lives of others in our local communities, including people you may personally know. Here, we explain some of the ways we’re able to give back.

PurMaid’s “Scrubs of Love” Cancer Maid Service Programs.

Cancer is an illness that is so widespread today that it is highly probable you know someone who has suffered with it. Reducing toxins and keeping a germ-free and clean environment is very important for everyone, but most especially those with cancer.

At PurMaid, we often hear from friends and family who wish to sponsor a cancer patient by providing them with our cleaning service. For our cancer patient clients, we have a special discount rate since we understand that it is a difficult time and we want to help.

Cancer Patient Options

Reduced Cleaning Rates

An approximate 20% discount off our normal hourly rates apply to cancer households. Man, woman or child, any household with a cancer patient qualifies for reduced pricing.

Free Cleans

To register your profile so that we may match your household with a direct sponsor, please contact us and include the patient’s name, city of residence, type of cancer, along with any other information about the patient you would like to include. Sometimes PurMaid is able to be the sponsor subject to availability.

Family/Friend Sponsored Cleans

Perhaps you are a family member or a friend of a cancer patient and you would like to pay for cleanings for them during their illness. We arrange this often and will do so at the reduced cancer rate to the person paying as long as the cleaning is being performed in the home where the cancer patient resides.

Reduced/Free/Sponsored Cleanings for Cancer Patients

PurMaid provides eco-friendly house cleaning service valley wide.

Our Partnership with Cleaning for a Reason

We are proud to have partnered with the charity, Cleaning for a Reason, and we are happy to be assisting the households with women cancer patients that they have been assigning us since 2010.

For those interested in this program, you must contact Cleaning For A Reason to register with them directly. Once they have established that an individual qualifies, they will then assign a cleaning company partner to start caring for the home. This may or may not be assigned to our company.

Cleaning For A Reason may be contacted directly at 1.844.787.6243 for more information.