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House Cleaning Surprise AZ

Welcome To House Cleaning Surprise AZ from Pur Maid

Pur Maid’s house cleaning Surprise AZ has a friendly, detailed and reliable maid service for your home.  Whether you are preparing for a holiday or looking to engage ongoing maid services, Pur Maid’s house cleaning Surprise AZ will bring you the relief you need so that you can get back to the basics of life. The friendly and professionally trained maids from Pur Maid’s maid service Surprise AZ will dust and scour your stresses away, while you can let go of any worry knowing that your home is being cleaned with safe, effective green cleaning products.
So what makes Pur Maid’s House Cleaning Surprise AZ so unique?  Let’s review:

  • YOUR HOME, CLEANED TO YOUR NEEDS:  While so many house cleaning services in Surpise AZ treat your home like it’s the same as every other, we honor that your home is unique to you. With the Pur Maid complete care system, every detail is cared for, however if you would like a custom plan, we can work together to cater to your needs and budget.
  • WARM AND FRIENDLY DETAIL:  Pur Maid’s House Cleaning Surprise AZis bonded and insured for your assurance and peace of mind.   Additionally, our co-op type structure means that our maids each have an ownership in the company and ultimately in your complete satisfaction and longevity as a client of Pur Maid.
  • ALLERGY-SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY:  Pur Maid’s House Cleaning Surprise AZ is very selective when it comes to the products used in your home and only after testing and thorough investigation do we decide upon the products that make the final cut for your maid service Surprise.   Pur Maid’s dedication is to the safety of you, your loved ones and pets.  While other cleaning companies make claims that make them sound “green” many of them do not fully understand the importance of what is NOT in a product vs what is.   Our commitment to green cleaning means we do not use products that contain any dyes, perfumes, petroleums, amonias.—just plant-based products that are as pure as they are effective.
  • MAID SERVICE WITHOUT CONTRACTS.  We offer house cleaning on your schedule and focused on your desired needs.  Whether you need help to prepare for a party, a home move or need the help of a maid service for ongoing cleaning, you can call upon Pur Maid to make your home shine anytime.  We can even accommodate same-day house cleaning service for those last-minute binds.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION, GUARANTEED: Once our cleaners have hunted down and captured every dust bunny, powered through bathroom build-up and kitchen grime, removed dirt, debris and pet hair from your floors capturing 99% of dust and allergens, there’s only one result—your satisfaction, we guarantee it. Try our House Cleaning Surprise AZ service today.