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Every home is a new opportunity to produce something beautiful.


What’s Included In Each House Cleaning?

Looking to get your home shining from ceiling to floor? Whether you’re looking to get things cleaned for an upcoming special occasion, feel like you need a hand to get things back on track or wanting to get things spiffed up and ready for us to maintain under our recurring plan, your home will be so squeaky clean even your mother-in-law will be impressed!

Initial Visit

All Standard Tasks
List A Deep Tasks
List B Deep Tasks

Move Clean

All Standard Tasks
List A Deep Tasks
List B Deep Tasks
Move Tasks

Recurring Visits

All Standard Tasks
Rotate List A and List B Deep Tasks
E.g. Standard plus List A at one visit, then the next visit Standard plus List B, then the following visit is back to Standard plus List A, etc

Standard Tasks


Clean Tub/shower stalls
Clean Commode inside/out
Clean Lights, mirrors, and counter
Clean Paper holder/towel racks
Straighten towels
Vacuum/hand wash floors, shake out rugs
Wipe baseboards


Clean countertops
Clean Microwave in/out
Clean Stove exterior
Clean Fridge, dishwasher exteriors
Clean Sink, faucet, drain
Vacuum/mop floors

Bedrooms/Other Living Areas

Dust furniture/wall hangings
Straighten linens
Clean patio door(s) in/out
Vacuum/mop floors incl walk-in closets

Deep Tasks

Both A/B List for initial visit, then rotate between list A & B every other visit


Wipe Blinds OR Doors/Door Frames
Dust/Wipe window sills throughout
Wipe cabinet exteriors (kitch/baths)
Wipe down small kitchen appliances
Clean oven door interior
Wipe down washer/dryer exteriors


Dust/Wipe baseboards throughout
Dust/Wipe fans/light fixtures
Vacuum upholstery/under cushions
Cobwebbing throughout
Dust Exposed Vents
Wipe light switch plate covers

Move Tasks

Standard Tasks + All Deep tasks plus the following

Clean interior of fridge

Clean interior of oven

Clean window interiors

Wipe insides of cupboards/drawers/closets

Wipe Doors/Door Frames

Spot clean walls

A-La-Carte Tasks

Clean interior of fridge


Clean interior of oven


Load/Unload dishwasher


Laundry (per load)


Sweep patio/wipe patio furniture


Sweep out garage


Wipe/Dust Blinds (each set)


Wipe Door/Door Frame (each)


Windows interior only (each)


Change bed linens (per bed)


Packages don’t fit with your unique needs? Trying to work from a budget?

Simply customize by adding a-la-cartes or totally customize by naming your own tasks on our hourly platform
(which is $38 per maid per hour– minimum of 3 labor hrs/$114– this is equivalent to 60 mins x 3 maids for example)