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 How much should I expect my initial cleaning will cost?

A. We find that most homes will cost around 6-8cents per square foot for an initial cleaning and around 10 cents per square foot for a move cleaning.  Of course this can vary from home to home due to varying conditions.


Q. What if I have a budget for my initial cleaning?

A. We are happy to cap the time spent on your initial cleaning and focus on tasks in order of your priority.  Please make your budget known prior to commencement of the job, otherwise we will provide a full cleaning top to bottom until complete (which as mentioned above typically runs at about 6-8cents/sq/ft for an initial and around 10cents/sq/ft for moves).


Q. I have been using a cleaning service.  Is there a need for a deep initial cleaning?

A. This depends upon how well your existing service has been caring for your home.  If they have been doing a good job, then your cleaning will likely come in very close to the flat maintenance price.  If they have neglected things, then the deep initial clean will be helpful in bringing your home back to its original splendor, making maintaining in future straight forward.


Q.  What does your standard service include for recurring clients?

A.  Our standard package covers off a full spring clean for your initial visit and then if you choose to continue to use our services ongoing we maintain your home using a comprehensive checklist of tasks that are core and rotational, however our rotation doesn’t take months before your home is fully covered, instead within a 2 visit cycle the deep clean result is always achieved.  (see our services page for more info:  )


Q. Your prices just don’t seem to meet my budget.  Are there any cheaper options?

A. Quite often, it is possible to customize a package to suit a budget. This typically involves removing some tasks, removing some of the lesser used square footage such as a spare bedroom, the rotation of certain less important tasks etc. Always ask we have been known to be very creative!


Q. I don’t use some of the rooms in my home and only one person lives in the home, is my price the same as what is indicated on the pricing sheet?

A. There is a possibility it could be less if you don’t use some of the rooms in your home.  Of course, pricing could be more if you have 2 or more pets, particularly a shedding variety, but our prices should give a fair indication of the run of the mill home of each corresponding size.


Q.  What methods of payment do you accept?

A.  We accept Checks as well as Amex, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.  It is possible to pay with Paypal or Cash by special arrangement only.  If you choose to pay by card or paypal, there is a $4 transaction fee added to your bill.


Q.  Are there any discounts for paying in advance for services?

A.  Yes!  Here are the discount options:  5% discount for pre-paying 6 visits, 7% discount for pre-paying 10 visits, and 10% for pre-paying 15 visits


Q. How many maids come out to my home?

A. The typical size team is 3 maids, but sometimes there may be 2 or 4.


Q. I only want 1 maid to come to my home. Is this possible?

A. We structure our teams by geography and in most cases we do not have teams of 1, but in some cases and geographic locations, we do offer a 1 maid service, so please ask if this is a request you have.


Q. Will it be the same maids each time?

A. We aim for consistency as much as possible since we become more efficient by sending the same individuals time and time again, plus you get to form a positive relationship!


Q. Are your maids bonded and Insured?

A. Yes. We are bonded and insured.  We can provide proof of this upon request.


Q. What does it mean by owner-operators?

A.  Our maids are owners in their business areas.  This means they share in profits and have an interest in efficient operations as well as keeping our customers both satisfied and long standing.  We believe this sets us apart from our competition.


Q. What type of products do you use?

A. We use all eco-friendly, plant-based, non-animal tested products, most of which are our own brand of products.  Fragrances are very light, if any, and are only derived from natural essential oils.  We deal with many allergy sufferers who respond very positively to our service and products.


Q.  I need a specific appointment time for my visit.  Is this possible?

A.  We can offer a specific time of arrival, subject to availability.  However, we can only offer a specific time of arrival if you are the first stop of the day such as 7:30-8 or 8-8:30am, for example.  We will try our best to accommodate arrival window requests such as 11am, 12pm etc, however we cannot guarantee specific times of arrival that are not scheduled for the first stop due to variables beyond our control which arise throughout any given day.  Arrivals late in the day (such as 3pm or later) can be especially challenging for us to meet.  It is best to allow as much flexibility in your schedule as possible, or provide us with a key or other method of access to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Q. I want you to use my own vacuum and products, is that okay?

A. Although we provide all products and supplies to clean your home, we will always try to honor any request to use your own things if this is important to you.  We are happy to use your vacuum provided it is not extremely heavy and we are happy to use your products provided they are not toxic and dangerous to our staff.


Q. I have a lot of clutter. Can you still clean?

A. We can clean around clutter, but it of course is easier to clean when surfaces are exposed and belongings are put away. We have a professional organizing service for those interested in clearing clutter! Contact us and we can provide you with further details on this.


Q. Do you offer different service levels?

A. Some people prefer more or less detail than others, however our main recurring care system caters to the vast majority of home occupants. If you don’t align with our standard offering, we can explore customization to your needs.


Q. I have pets.  Do I need to do anything with them prior to my cleaning visit?

A. We are happy to clean around your furry friends provided they will be kind to us!  You will know your pets better than we do, and should crate, put in a locked away room not to be cleaned or outdoors, any pet that may become aggressive or disruptive to our staff.  You should also be sure to make us aware of any pet that is not allowed to go outside so that we can be sure to avoid any escapes!


Q. Do I have to do anything to prepare for your visit?

A. Ensuring that as many surfaces and floor spaces are as exposed and clear as possible will assist us in cleaning those surfaces, but if this is not possible, please be sure to instruct us on how to clean in the presence of your belongings.  There are many people who clean before the cleaners arrive please don’t do that!


Q. Can you provide reference clients?

A. We would be happy to contact a handful of our existing clients at your request to provide you with a testimony of our service.