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Fall Cleaning in Phoenix

Everyone has heard and maybe even done spring-cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? Fall cleaning is very important because from now until the end of the winter season many families are indoors. Also, fall starts the holiday season, which means entertaining. You do not want your house to look dirty for family and friends.

Starting in the kitchen

Starting in the kitchen will make you feel better if you do not get the rest of the house done right away. Also, this room normally takes the longest. A lot of families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so a good clean is necessary. Everyday cleaning is essential but with fall cleaning you want to wash curtains, change table linens, fix ceiling fixtures, replace light bulbs, and check products and food for expiration dates.

With the refrigerators, you want to take time to take out shelving and drawers and scrub them well! Also, wipe down the inside and outside too. Next, the stove, start with automatic cleaning if yours has it. Then, wipe the ranges, knobs, and the outside of the stove. Then, do the range and the microwave inside and out. Lastly, do the dishwasher with baking soda and water wipe down the inside of the dishwasher because it will deodorize and clean at the same time.

Bedrooms and Living areas

With bedrooms and living areas, go beyond the regular dusting. Wash all bedding and curtains, and then vacuum well! Getting rid of excess dust will help everyone in the house adapt to indoor air when winter comes.


In the bathrooms, clean under the sinks and organize everything. Get rid of all expired hair and body products. Then, scrub the shower, toilets, and sinks well. Then, scrub the floors on your hands and knees.

Overall home

Make sure you clean your windows at this time. Inside and out if possible.

Making your home sparkle for the holiday season is not easy, but once you are done, you will be able to sit back and enjoy your home!

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