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Environmentally Friendly House Cleaning

Cleaning your house with harsh products made by popular manufacturers are now becoming a trend of the past. Cleaning with products that will not hurt your family or the environment are the most economical and safest way to clean and live. This article will give you the tips and tools you need for an environmentally friendly clean house.  If you want a completely clean home, but have concerns about the environmental and health impact of cleaning chemicals, this article is a good read for you.

If using a Cleaning service

If you are able to have the luxury of a cleaning person or company, ask about their products. IF they are truly environmental friendly they will have no problem giving you their products to read up on. Also, when they vacuum make sure there are using a High filtration filter vacuum to keep pollutants out of your home.

Using your own mixtures

Using household products to clean was the original way to start cleaning homes. Using products like vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda are three products to start with.

How to use the products

There are recipes on the internet and books that have mixtures to help you start your Environmentally Friendly House Cleaning project. Start small because you may get overwhelmed with everything at once.

The biggest hill to climb for the new environmentally clean home is the smell. Everyone wants the smell of vanilla or lavender to prove the home is clean. Vanilla and lavender come in environmentally safe oils. Good luck and get rid of the toxins in your home!

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