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Green Cleaning and Organizing Tips for Spring and Beyond

It’s that time of year again.  Spring is in the air, but unfortunately so is that dreaded dust.  With another new season upon us, it is time to shift some clutter, dust and therefore the energy in your home.  Chances are, if you are like so many of us, you may need to make room for the new by clearing out some of the old.

A well-organized home is fundamental to ensuring that your spring clean is successful and easier to maintain in the weeks and months the follow the effort you invest in bringing your home back to a beautiful shine.  Organizing your home will make it easier to clean since you’ll have better access to the surfaces which will need cleaning.  It also means that you should have a place for everything, not only reducing unsightly clutter but also saving you time when you need to locate an item you need.

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Cleaning Products: Friend or Foe

In a world of many cleaning choices for your home, it can be difficult to select the product that is right as you stroll down the cleaning aisle in your local store. Fortunately, there is a vast amount of available information to help educate us on how to make the healthiest and best possible choices. You don’t have to fall prey to clever marketing tactics as your eyes scan the many appealing cleaning products on each shelf.

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Why use a Green Cleaning Service

Purmaid is much more than just a company who uses “green” cleaning products.  Any company can put “green” cleaning products in their caddies, but Purmaid goes beyond this.  Our name says it all.  With a fleet of gas saving vehicles, a free recycling program, and  green discounts to encourage responsible behaviors in our clients, as well as investment in alternative energy, you know that we are serious when it comes to the health of our clients, service providers and the planet.

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